I’ve been working with injured people in my role as a registered nurse and qualified counselor for 25 years. My experience includes managing their rehabilitation within the insurer, and covers complex and Severe and Catastrophic Injury Case Management. I bring these skills together to provide effective outcomes via practical and sensitive case management. I believe building a successful relationship with a client is the key to effective case management. And my knowledge of the Reasonable and necessary Criteria and legislation affecting CTP and WC claims means I can work with clients to set intelligent and achievable goals that result in the best possible outcomes for the client and the insurer. Because giving the injured person a clear understanding of the insurance system assists in creating realistic expectations , the process to rehabilitation becomes quicker and more streamlined for everyone. I am  an  approved case manager for the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme. and ongoing training and career development is a priority for me, so I can continue to offer the best possible services to both insurer and client.