I specialise in Case Management services, creating effective rehab strategies to help severely injured people back on the road to health as quickly and safely as possible.

I’m able to work with adults who have suffered complex orthopedic or severe injuries that have made it difficult to lead a normal life.

Injuries may include:

• Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
• Limb Amputation
• Spinal Cord Injury  (SCI)
• Major multiple orthopedic injury
• Severe Burns

Time frame

The length of Case Management is structured to suit each claimant’s needs.

Mild injuries will need short-term management for up to 6 months, while complex severe injury will need long-term solutions for 6-12 months and above.

For ongoing management of severe injury, such as TBI or SCI where intervention may be required following life changes such as surgery, change in family structure, change in health needs, new goals will be set as they’re required.

Case Management can include reviewing attendant care and making sure each client is involved in making an informed choice regarding the supplier of these services, bearing in mind that location may restrict choice in some cases.


Visiting the injured person allows me to introduce myself, gather information about their injuries, lifestyle and living situation, and formulate achievable rehab goals. The next step is to take this information in the form of rehab or community living plan to the relevant funding body. Goals are reassessed regularly, and progress reports and subsequent plans are sent to the funding body as needed.