I’m qualified to complete the following assessments:

FIM  Assessment  – Assessing the level of independent function of an injured person. (Current accreditation held)

WEE FIM Assessment – Assessing the level of independent function in  injured children  (Current accreditation held)

CANS trained – Assessing the level of care that might be required for a person with Traumatic Brain Injury.

P CANS trained -Assessing the level of care that might be required for a child with Traumatic Brain Injury.

Wound assessment – Assessing wounds and recommending the best products to assist with healing. This Includes products that assist in the prevention of Pressure Area Wounds

Continence assessment – Assessing the mechanism and causes of Urinary and Faecal Incontinence, and prescribing the required products to manage these conditions effectively in collaboration with other treating professionals.

Care needs assessment (including nursing care) – Reviewing the current need or level of care in place to make sure it’s appropriate to the injured person’s needs. Looking at cost effectiveness is also included, and this reflects my belief that it’s possible to provide good care at reasonable cost.

Rehab Strategy for claims

I’m able to work within the insurer to review current rehab strategy, and suggest changes that will make the rehab process easier and more streamlined for both parties. My medical background and knowledge of Reasonable and Necessary Criteria means I can give informed suggestions to improve any strategy on file.

Identifying claims suitable for LTCS – It’s not unusual for claimants with injuries such Brain Injury and spinal cord injury to be “missed” as being eligible for the Lifetime Care and Support scheme. Helping these claimants get accepted into the scheme relieves the insurer of the treatment, rehabilitation and attendant care costs as well as helping the claimant recover.